Friday, January 9, 2009

Totally Free Web Conferencing for Life

"Join the conversation. We make it easy to collaborate with free web meetings and no software to download or install!"

One reason why our website is unique

The ECMINSTITUTE provides free web conferencing services for its members including integrated screen sharing, chat, video sharing, teleconferencing, synchronized web navigation, and whiteboarding. All you need is any standard Google Account to start collaborating today.


Traditional web conferencing software requires participates to download software and install proprietary browser plugins. Hosting companies such as Webex, Microsoft, and Adobe charge expensive web conferencing fees totalling hundreds of dollars per month. To promote a web conference, typical industry and PR websites charge additional fees for advertising.


The ECMINSTITUTE provides free web conferencing for up to 20 participants. To start a free web meeting anytime, simply navigate to, sign into your Google Account, and then click the "Host Meeting" button.

If you wish to schedule a meeting in advance and promote your event to our members, we recommend that you fill out a simple event form available at the top of every community meeting page. ECMINSTITUTE will sponsor and host events supporting up to 100 participants.


  1. What a Conferencing and Events, and thank you for running such a great contest!

  2. Hey thanks a lot for sharing this post. I have been using free web conferencing since a long time now and it works great. It is very user friendly and works all the time for me.