Friday, January 9, 2009

Sponsor a Web Conference at

If you are interested in sponsoring a web conference within a community, please submit the form located at the top of the meeting tab. In the form's "details" field enter a brief description of the proposed web conference and include a date and time for the event. Also, if your web conference promotes a particular product or service, please include this information.

If we accept your proposed web conference we will display event details in the right side column of the associated community web pages. The ECMINSTITUTE reserves the right to charge a listing fee for this service. This fee will be calculated after the form is submitted for review. Discounts are available for multiple listings.

Web conferences are limited to 20 participants. Larger web conference are available by request.

ECMINSTITUTE sponsored activities are completely free for members. Examples include user group meetings, "brown-bag" lunches, industry discussions, and other non-commercial oriented activities.

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